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Natural Capiz Shell Windchime with Rainbow Maker Crystals

Natural Capiz Shell Windchime with Rainbow Maker Crystals

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This is a hand crafted, unique, ONE of a KIND Wind chime and sun catcher in one!
A perfect addition to any garden, patio balcony or your room! The natural slight pearl essence of the shell and the glass crystals catch the light in various ways. Added to the color is shells are glass crystal beads and rainbow makers.

45 1.5 inch shells hang from a brass 4” ring
19” overall length
13” from ring to lowest point

In a breeze the shells contact each other and create a slight tinkle like chime. And in sunlight (or any other bright source) the crystals create many multicolor dots and tiny light prisms around the area. The effect is a symphony of sound and color.

We are happy to create a special piece just to your liking! For instance if you would like a single color crystal only, or multi colored please send us a message!


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