About us

I & K Created is a mother and daughter company creating a variety of hand made sun catchers, wind chimes as well as crochet and knit items.  We began very organically during the early stages of the Covid pandemic. In a way we are thankful for the pandemic and the lock down which occurred.  Because of the need to find something to occupy ourselves we began to create: a lot!  It began with using beads and materials that we had left for various projects we did over the years.  The idea to list the items for sale came naturally and to our great surprise they began to sell!  In a short time, we were purchasing more supply and creating more unique pieces.  Once the lock down was lifted and some outdoor events began to happen, we became active in the local craft fair circuit.  Selling our creations to the public live was a whole new feeling, seeing and hearing the appreciation of the craft from our customers was an eye-opening experience and it spurred us forward to continue and expand our inventory.

We each have a distinctive style to the items that we design even though we share the same basic materials and techniques.  Each item is made by hand, each item is unique.  Some are totally one of a kind (never to be replicated), others are created based on customers’ needs, all are made with love.  Sun catchers and windchimes are our most constant creations, what we spend the bulk of our time making.

We always say how lucky we are to have stumbled on to an activity that we get so much pleasure from doing and we hope that the positive vibes are passed into the creation right on to its new home.

We are always happy to take requests from our customers, if there is a piece that you like but is sold out, or a particular color combination that you would like we are happy to create a piece just for you, contact us!