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Aqua Crystal Mobile Hanging Boho Chic Sun catcher

Aqua Crystal Mobile Hanging Boho Chic Sun catcher

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A Handmade one of a kind sun catcher takes inspiration from the ocean.  It created using teal crystals beads of various shapes and sizes suspended from delicate silver chain with the addition glass work fishes.  Also includes 3 brass bells which create a delicate soothing sound.  A great addition to any beach home, lake house or Boho Aesthetic which creates rainbows and adds drama to any decor.

Overall (from hanging point to lowest strand) about 19 inches
From loop to lowest point about 11 inches
Chain length about 6 inches
The diameters of the rings measure 5, 4, 3 inches

You can hang it anywhere - indoor and out. (Though if you hang it outdoors we recommend a covered area and taking it indoors in severe weather.) Hang it near a window and get ready to have hundreds of rainbows scattered across your room. You can spin or move your sun catcher to enjoy the sun dance.

Gifting this crystal sun catcher to a friend or family member is like gifting a little piece of magic. Every time they see it sparkling in their window, they get to enjoy the light and rainbows that bounce across their room.


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