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Sun Catcher for Windows Colorful Prism Crystals

Sun Catcher for Windows Colorful Prism Crystals

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These handmade sun catchers are created with an assortment of multicolor glass crystal, rainbow maker crystals and glass beads in various shapes and sizes arranged on a hand cut bow shaped piece of copper tube, arranged in seven strands. The piece you get will be completely unique as each is made to order.

Each sun catcher measure:
• From hanging point to lowest point about 13 inches
• about 10 inches from pipe to lowest point
• about 7 inches across (on a straight line)
• Contains 17 rainbow maker crystals

***Please note that each sun catcher is made to order and being a handmade item, some dimension variation is possible

If you are interested in having a custom made piece, please use the Contact Us to let us know the colors you would like (or dislike)


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