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Mobile of Small Multi Colored Crystals and Rainbow Makers

Mobile of Small Multi Colored Crystals and Rainbow Makers

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This handmade Sun catcher is made to order (allow 1-3 days) an array of tiny glass crystals and larger crystals with a lot of rainbow maker crystals. There are three handmade leaf shaped prism crystals (1 inch) in the center of this composition. Weather this piece of art is hung indoors or out (though it can stand the elements please take it indoors for heavy rain and other strong elements) it will add colors, rainbows, and smiles.

The carefully selected variety of beautiful beads and crystal gracefully suspended from 3 Inter locking rings (of 5, 4, and 3 inch diameters) on silver chains.

This piece is a joyful and elegant addition to any room - crystals will reflect the sun, and the delicate silver chains make a movement that creates the most beautiful reflections when the sunlight or any other kind of lights hits them.

Hang it near a window and get ready to have hundreds of rainbows scattered across your room. You can spin or move your sun catcher to enjoy the sun dance.

Gifting this crystal sun catcher to a friend or family member is like gifting a little piece of magic. Every time they see it sparkling in their window, they get to enjoy the light and rainbows that bounce across their room. A perfect reminder of the joy in your relationship.

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