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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Sun Catcher for Windows

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Sun Catcher for Windows

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This Handmade Sun Catcher is created using chips of actual lapis lazuli stones and glass crystal and rainbow maker crystals. Lapis Lazuli means "blue stone” and has been cherished for its vibrant ultramarine color for centuries. It is said that this gemstone will help you unlock your inner intuition and wisdom and is used for opening of the third eye.

Please note that this product is made to order and may be a little different than pictured. Each piece will have 11 rainbow maker crystal, 5 strands and 2 blue focal beads.

Measurements (approximate)
6 inches across
overall about 11 inches
longest strand hanging about 8 inches (will vary slightly due to the different bead strands)

Hang it in a window and get ready to have hundreds of rainbows scattered across your room.

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