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Boho Window Decor Colorful Millefiori Window Sun Catcher

Boho Window Decor Colorful Millefiori Window Sun Catcher

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This one-of-a-kind sun catcher is created with a colorful array of Millefiori Beads (An Italian glass technique which encompasses tiny flowers designs in each bead, creating a 3D effect in the light) in bold primary colors. Rainbow maker crystals add more texture and life. For those looking for positive vibes that bring lots of joy, this colorful creation is for you.

The carefully selected variety of beautiful beads and crystal gracefully suspended from 8 inch long aluminum pipe.

A truly colorful and bright addition to any garden, patio, balcony or window.

Your new and unique Suncatcher will arrive with one stick on window hook

Use the stick on hook to hang this colorful sun catcher in any window to have rainbows and colored lights all over the room!

Gifting this crystal sun catcher to a friend or family member is like gifting a little piece of magic. Every time they see it sparkling in their window, they get to enjoy the light and rainbows that bounce across their room. A perfect reminder of the joy in your relationship.

Measurements (approximate)
8 inches across
overall about 16 inches
longest strand hanging about 12 inches (will vary slightly due to the different bead strands)

Please feel free to CONTACT ME of you have any questions, require any clarification on the item

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